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TRPS - Our school leopard, Ethel

We have a school leopard called Ethel (borrowed from Mrs Gidda's class), whilst we haven't been in school Ethel has been keeping up with some activities at home. On this page you will be able to keep up to date about her learning and what she has been getting up to.

Ethel has settled for a rest after all her gardening and tadpole checking! She is pleased of the sit down and even spotted a yellow, Welsh poppy growing in the garden!

Can you remember that Ethel planted some seeds in April, look how much they have grown! She is very proud of herself too!

Ethel has been keeping a close eye on the tadpoles and how much they have grown. If you look really closely you can see the tadpoles in the water.

Ethel stayed up late to look at the International Space Station (ISS) fly over. She was very excited to learn that it was flying at 17,100 miles per hour (mph) and has been in orbit for over 21 years. Can you find out any facts about the International Space Station? If you can email them to your class teacher.

Ethel has been helping look after the frog spawn in the pond at home. She has kept a really good eye on them and they are all tadpoles now. Can you find out about the life cycle of a frog, draw a picture of a frog or find out some interesting frog facts? Email them to your teacher.

Ethel planted some seeds to see how they grow and to hopefully make some nice meals with them. She got a little messy with the soil! Could you look outside your window and draw something you see, or search for plants on the internet and find out how to look after them? You could even look at the pictures and write the instructions for what Ethel did. Send your work via email to your class teacher.

Ethel wanted to show her support for all the NHS and key workers so she made a rainbow to go in the window. She even asked Mrs Grant-Thomas to have them put on the website (don't they look lovely floating down?). Could you make a rainbow for your window to show your support?

ETHEL IS A STAR! Somewhere Over the Rainbow

Ethel managed to star in a video on You Tube. Her rainbow was so amazing it was put on this video, can you spot her?

Ethel has had a tiger come for tea! Have you ever read the book 'When a tiger came to dinner by Judith Kerr'? Can you find out any pictures or facts about tigers? Let your class teacher know via email.