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Taylor Road Primary School

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The School Day (timings)

Timings of the school day

The school gates open at 8:35am and close at 8:50am to allow pupils into school and support punctuality.


Morning Session:  

Foundation Stage 1                        8.40am - 11.40am (3 hour provision)

Foundation Stage 2                        8:40am - 11:30am  

Key Stage 1                                     8.40am - 11.40am

Lower Key Stage 2                         8:40am  - 12:30pm

Upper Key Stage 2                         8.40am - 1:00pm  


Afternoon Session:


Foundation Stage 2                      12:20pm  - 3:15pm  - 6 hours 35 minutes daily   

Key Stage 1                                   12.30pm - 3.15pm 

Lower Key Stage 2                        1.20pm  - 3.15pm

Upper Key Stage 2                        1.50pm - 3.15pm 


Gates open at 3:10pm to allow parents to come onto site in order to collect their children. The final lesson of the day finishes at 3:15pm, pupils will be dismissed after this time, as soon as they have tidied the classroom and lined up.

All Foundation and Key Stage 1 children will be dismissed from their classroom doors. All children from Key Stage 2 will be dismissed from their lines outside on the playground.